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Remember the eggs, no market for 2 weeks

Greetings shareholders and friends of Abbe Hills,

Sadly, there is no market tomorrow, March 23, or next Saturday, March 30.  The next market for which I will send you a reminder will be the Saturday after Easter, April 6, in Mt. Vernon.  Hopefully, I'll be harvesting lettuce by then.  Nice sunny days help the things grow in the hoophouse, even if the outside air remains cold.

Even though there is no market, there are still lots of eggs.  You can come by my house and get them nearly any time.  Just zap me a note to make sure that I'll be home when you want to come.  Or take your chances - I'm usually home or the garage door is unlocked.  The eggs are in a frig in the garage for the winter.

We're still trying to figure out Facebook.  The farm does have a working webpage with many of the start-up problems solved.  Please check it out - Abbe Hills Farm is the name.  There is a recent post linking to an article about our grocery shopping habits that you might "like" to read.  Hopefully, by the time our garden season begins, I'll be able to use Facebook to send you articles, photos, late breaking news about what's going on at the farm.

You know I love growing cabbage; we start planting it in the germination house next Monday.  Lots of it.  And you love eating it - for a while - but it just keeps coming.  File these twelve great cabbage recipes somewhere so you know what to do when coleslaw is no longer working for you.

And finally, what to do for your trees to get them through the drought?  Here is some guidance from Trees Forever

Remember that you can join the 2013 CSA season any time.  The registration form and all the information about the upcoming season is on the website, .

Until later,

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