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we're getting a lot of rain today

Greetings shareholders,
This week, we'll have a few more onions, radishes, bok chois, red and green lettuce, Swiss chard, cilantro, Chinese cabbage, kale and collards, kohlrabi, and garlic scapes.  Chard will come from the hoophouse this week, but after this, it will all be from the gardens.  We're hoping the leafy greens like lettuce and Asian greens will last through next week, but heat and humidity are tough on them.  They grow fast, get tall, develop more flavors, and make flowers when they think summer is here.  It seems like that might be NOW!
We're going to be kind of stingy with the onions for a while, letting them get bigger before we dig too many.  Our onion plants come from Texas. This year, they were pulled on April 1, put in  boxes and shipped to Iowa, where they had to sit around for nearly four weeks before we were able to get the fields ready and get them planted.  You might remember, there was still snow on the ground on April 1!  So, they didn't do too well.  In fact, we have only about 20% of the fall storage crop.  So, we'll stretch out the white summer onions as long as possible and do the best we can in the fall. 
Monday people, it is pouring rain as I write this, and there is a possibility that it might continue all day.  My crew can't work if there is lightening, it's very slow getting around on sloppy mud, everything will have to be washed, the heat is going to build up quickly if/when the rain stops (ruins the produce quickly), and I don't like having you here for pickup if there are severe weather warnings.  All leading up to a very tough day.  Please check your email several times today for confirmation that we will start pickup at 4:30.  There is a possibility that we might have to put off the Monday pickup until Tuesday evening.  Never done that before, but today might be the day we try it.  I'll keep you posted by email and on Facebook.
Stay high and dry today,
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