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Eggs and ice storm

Greeting shareholders and farm friends,

Farmers market tomorrow, Saturday, February 2, is at the Mt. Vernon Community Center, east end of downtown, 11:00 until 1:00.  I'll have lots of eggs that I wish you would come buy.  Turns out that ice storms, snow, high winds, and below zero weather make it so people don't come to the country to buy eggs.  After a couple of days, they start to pile up.  Charlotte will be at market, too, with her lovely bread.

Here's the bad news on cats.  They are waaaay worse than we like to think.  I love it when we have kitties here, but agonize over getting them all adopted to homes.  Sparky, in particular, is an exceptional killer, as I suppose are her babies.  The problem is that she prefers eating endangered, neotropical, migratory songbirds over mice and rats!

I want to invent a giant salad spinner, and I need an automatic washer.  First, I'm looking for one that still spins.  Secondarily, it would be nice if it also agitates and is cleanish.  And it has to be free.  If you know somebody who has one to get rid of, I'll pick it up if they'll donate it to the cause of cleaner greens.  I'm still not sure that I want to regularly wash greens for you.  There are tradeoffs between cleanliness, workload, storage life, and food safety.  But on some really muddy days, it wouldn't hurt.  If I do, however, I have to get them dry.  That's where the spin cycle comes in.  Might work.

OK, if you think your head might explode if you read something from "Mother Jones", then don't click on this story about nitrogen fertilizer and natural gas supplies with an Iowa spin. But if you want to think a little more about the intersection between commodity agriculture, food, water quality, energy, and policy, it's a good one.  Tom Philpott is a reliable researcher and good writer.

Do you have a group that needs a speaker?  I've got a couple more months where I can make myself available to give talks.  I'd love to drum up some more business for the 2013 garden season and educate a few more people on the value of eating locally. Talks that are hosted by people the listeners know and trust are a very good way to start the conversations.

Be looking for an Abbe Hills Facebook page pretty soon.  You've begged for it, and I've resisted.  I think it's finally time.  I'm scared, but my people will help me figure it out.  The best thing about it (that I know of right now) is that it is such an easy way to post pictures and videos of things around here that I'd like you to see. 

Hope to see you at the market tomorrow,

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