Abbe Hills Farm CSA

  (Mt. Vernon, Iowa)

Fried by freeze. Pickup this week is Saturday

Greetings shareholders,
This is the week that we switch to pickup on Saturdays.  DON'T COME FOR YOUR VEGETABLES TODAY OR THURSDAY!  Instead, come on Saturday, Oct 6, 10:00 until 2:00.  I'll send you a note Friday morning to let you know what vegetables to expect.  I won't really know until then, until we start harvesting and know for sure what there is and isn't. 
Last Saturday night, remember how the weather guys had us all worried about a hard frost?  Well, it barely happened and I thought we'd really dodged the bullet for a couple of weeks.  What nobody expected was a very hard, killing FREEZE the next night, Sunday, Sept 23.  Whoever heard of a hard freeze the last week of September?   It hurt us badly, although I didn't know it for sure until about Wednesday of last week.  We lost 90% of the tomatoes and peppers, 100% of summer squash, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans.   I'm a little sad about losing the beans - we worked hard to get them nearly ready to harvest and hated to lose them so close to the goal.  Nothing to do about it now except add it to the list of crazy things that happened this season. 
In three Saturdays, we will have been together 20 weeks this season.  That means that Oct 20 will be the last pickup date.  Depending on what we still have available in the garden, I might offer the "1-Week-Only-CSA" on  future Saturdays.  It's possible.  There are miles of leafy greens, radishes, daikon, carrots, beets, kale that will eventually be big enough to harvest, especially if I can keep watering and it stays a little warm. 
See you on Saturday,
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