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garlic scapes, carrots, cilantro, more leaves

Greetings shareholders,

This week, we'll have lettuce, bok chois, garlic scapes, little onions, two kinds of radishes, cilantro, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, and a handful each of sugar snap peas and carrots.  The cilantro and carrots were planted several weeks ago in the hoophouse; everything else is from the garden.

Garlic scapes are the flower bud and stem that grow out of the center of each garlic plant.  We pull them out to force the garlic plant to put more of it's energy into making bulb, rather than flowers.  What we used to throw on the ground, we now know is a wonderful spring delicacy that can be stir fried, roasted, or eaten raw.  The scapes aren't very big this year, which I think means that the garlic won't be very big.  Likely due to the drought last fall and winter when the garlics were beginning their growth.

We're looking forward to the sugar snaps.  These are the kind of peas where you eat the whole thing, even the pod.  There will be a few this week and maybe a few more next week.  I'm quite surprised that we are having them at all; they were planted four weeks later than they should have been, but they must have liked the conditions, because they look fine now.  But they mature quickly, so enjoy them quickly.

Thursday people, please note on your calendar that we will have regular vegetable pickup on July 4th.  Can't really stop things from growing just because it is a holiday.  If it's going to be a huge problem to get here between 4:30 and 7:00, please let me know on July 2nd or 3rd (not today!  I won't remember) and we'll work something out.

Below is a note from Dan Specht, our grassfed beef guy.  Dan is a longtime friend from McGregor who is one of the best graziers in Iowa.  The beef he grows is a real treat.  Please contact him directly if you'd like to get more information or to order some.

Hi Folks,

It's been a crazy year weather-wise in my part of the world, with a zombie winter that wouldn't end, followed by a rain filled spring that just wouldn't dry out. My crop farming neighbors have had a hard time finishing spring planting, but once the grass started growing, it has been a great year for grazing.

I'm going to make a double delivery on Mon., June 24, with my friend Jack Knight helping out. Anyone interested in buying my grass fed beef 20 lb. bundles or hamburger should place an order to my e-mail address  .

Bundles are priced at $6.00/lb. , and hamburger at $5.50. Bundles are approximately 1/16th of a beef, but do not contain organ meats. Every box contains 3 pks. steaks, 2 minute steaks, 2 roasts, stew meat (no bones), boiling beef (some bones), and at least 4 lbs. of hamburger. You can also pre-order hamburger. I will also bring some extra hamburger to sell, first come, first served.

Looking forward to seeing you all...  
Dan Specht
563-516-1007 cell

We had a great market on Saturday in Cedar Rapids.  Sold out of nearly everything and took the balance to the food pantry where it went out to the public that afternoon.  Thanks to all of you who told your friends about us and who stopped by to visit.  I really appreciate your support.

Remember that you can keep up-to-date with farm events and progress by checking us out at  It's painless to look.

See you this week,

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