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very good rain Saturday, Sauerkraut Days this weekend, next week begins second half of the season

Greetings shareholders,
This week, we'll have sweet corn, eggplant, zukes and squash, green beans, potatoes, onions, garlic, kale and collards, cucumbers, the beginning of the tomatoes, and a little bit of cilantro and basil.  Sounds like summer, doesn't it!
The Monday people will get their choice of Bodacious or Serendipity sweet corn.  Serendipity is a corn you like.  I don't grow it too often because it's usually too sweet for me.  I prefer corn that tastes a little more "corny", but I plant it sometimes to humor you.  The cool weekend slowed down the maturing of the corn, exactly when we need to open up a new patch, so the Bodacious left from last week will be for the people who like it more mature, and the Serendipity for those who like it a little new.
Whoooeeee!!!  What a great rain Saturday afternoon.  We were lucky to get about 1.5", nearly as much as we've had in the last two months all added together.  It came fast, and there was too much wind (your sweet corn might have mud on it because the ears are laying on the ground now), but there was little serious damage and almost all of the moisture soaked in.  It's really going to help the fall crops that we already have planted (beans, beets, carrots), plus soften up the ground to make it possible to do tillage for the next round of planting (cabbage, bok chois, kohlrabi, lettuces).  And, I get a couple of days to take the irrigation pump to town for a checkup.  The poor thing's been running 12 hours per day, 6 days per week since May.  It needs a break.
Mt. Vernon and Lisbon people - we need your help.  Marty St. Clair and I are responsible for getting volunteers to staff the bingo tent at Sauerkraut Days in Lisbon next Saturday, noon until 2:00.  That's after the parade, before the water balloons.  Should be a good time to have some fun, meet some new people, and donate a couple of hours to the SE Linn Community Center.  If you'd like to help us, please let Marty or me know asap.  Anybody older than 15 can volunteer - you just have to be able to hand out the cards and collect the quarters.  Profits from bingo go to the Community Center this year.  Thanks.
This week is your last chance to get tickets for the SE Linn raffle, with the drawing also on Saturday at Sauerkraut.  $1 per ticket.  I'd be happy if I ran out of tickets some night this week.  And you'd be contributing to a good thing.
See you this week.
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