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work on getting some rain this weekend

Greetings shareholders and friends,

Whatever it is that you do when you want to get the attention of the universe - pray, sing, chant, gaze, dance - you better start doing it.? We need rain very very very badly.? Virtually all the soil moisture is gone down to about 6 inches, which is well below where the roots of wimpy little garden vegetables can reach.? They can't grow, so all they do is hang on. ?We stopped planting?anything?else?- transplants, seeds, field corn, everything - eight days ago, thinking we could wait it out until the soil conditions are better, but that's no comfort if the rain takes another week to get here and it's hot and windy the whole time until then.? There are thousands of little plants and one frustrated farmer wanting to get things going.? So we need it to rain on Sunday.? All day.? Slowly.? No passing showers.

I was thinking that I would have to address drought in August.? Of course, that means that none of the infrastructure is in place to start dealing with it now.? We're putting out irrigation line, upgrading the pump, planting as much as possible?onto plastic mulch.? But it's going to take some time to get the water flowing and to get some response from the plants.? I imagine there will be some delay in what we are able to harvest for you.? Or not.? Depends.

There's a photo contest sponsored by Mt. Vernon Creates and the Mt. Vernon Sun that needs your entries.? Here's a note from the organizer:??

I've picked some more spinach out of the hoophouse and put it in the Pepsi cooler in the big shed.? You can stop by this afternoon, Saturday, or later in the week if you want to buy some.? Or get?some from one of the other farmers at the? market on Thursday afternoon.

The registration form for the 2012 CSA is attached.? Thanks to all of you who have registered and paid.? I'm using the money to buy drought-remediation supplies!



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