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mostly leves this week, all delicious

Greeting shareholders,

This week, we'll have lettuce, Asian greens including bok chois, yukina, and a few Chinese cabbage, and radishes.  I'd hoped to have a bit more crunch for you to balance out the leaves, but the crunchy things are just a little slower.  Expect kohlrabi and cilantro next week.

You can see photos of some of this week's vegetables on the farm Facebook page, along with a few ideas for preparing them.  If you need more ideas, you can always ask Google for some recipe suggestions.  If you are Facebook-resistant, like I have been, don't worry about checking out the farm page.  You can look at the photos and read the comments without signing up to be a member yourself.  I try to post two or three times per week, and that's where I'll put last minute information if there is anything extra you need to know on pickup days.

The rain is sure making things grow.  WOW.  So not like last year.  Even though we can't get in the field much, my workers are keeping up with the weeds pretty well and we have been able to plant most of what we planned, even if we are are month or six weeks behind schedule.  But this week, we MUST get the soil prepared, lay black plastic, mulch, and plant tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and winter squash.  No more delays.  It's time to get them in if we hope to harvest anything before frost.  So, hope for a few dry days.

Good news. Charlotte got a new oven.  THERE WILL BE BREAD THIS WEEK!!!  Please call or send her a note directly if you'd like to place an order.  513-659-0694.  I'm sure she'll be signing you up for shares very soon, and she expects to be here every Monday and Friday to sell her wonderful bread. 

Parking went well last week.  Please remember that we have a one-way driveway.  I saw a couple of cars going out the in.

If you know somebody who still wants to become a shareholder, have them zap me a note.  We've got plenty of share still available. 

Some of you are getting this newsletter twice, and some of you might expect to be off the list by now.  Sorry, I had trouble getting all my lists updated last week, so I'm sending to everybody just to be sure.  Hope to have it sorted out sometime this week.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

See you this week, 4:30 until 7:00. 



Happy Day! It rained!

Greetings shareholders,
This week, we'll have the first onions, more bok choi, Chinese cabbages, lettuce, the last spring turnips and radishes, broccoli, kohlrabi, kale, and the last garlic scapes.  The onions will be small, as will most of the onions this summer.  Bok chois are still delicious.  Here and here are a couple of recipe ideas for chois, Chinese cabbage, and other flavorful leafy greens.  You already know my advice - when in doubt, stir fry. 
The lettuce and broccoli might be a little damaged this week.  Heat is the enemy of good quality in those two vegetables, and we're going to have plenty of it this week.  We try to keep ahead of it, but aren't always able.  Lettuce "bolts" in heat, giving up on leaf growth and getting ready to make flowers.  It starts to look like a Christmas tree.  The flavor can be a bit strong, but still good, I think.  We've got more heat tolerant lettuces (we hope) that should be ready next week.  Broccoli turns brownish on the top when it gets too hot, and sometimes the stems separate too much.  Once again, heat is giving the plant the message that it's time to go reproductive.   Doesn't seem to hurt the flavor, but looks funny. 
Next week, I think we'll have beets and chard, small cabbages, summer squash, and new potatoes.
We had two rain events last week, .15" on Wednesday night, and a wonderful 1" rain yesterday morning.  I'm looking forward to taking a break from irrigating for a couple of days.  We had all of our hay down, drying.  It's not so dry now, which is a bit of a problem, but I'm sure glad the tiny alfalfa plants under the hay finally got a drink.  I was worried about their survival.  The moisture also softened up the ground a few inches down, so I hope that I can till some more garden in the next couple of days.  We've run out of space, and a few more rows will make it possible to plant okra, cantaloupe, brussels, and more beans.
The Japanese beetles have emerged and are starting to cause trouble.  Here is some info from Iowa State to help you identify them, and here is more info on management. 
See you this week,
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