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2" rain. WOW!!!

Greetings shareholders, 

This week, we'll have German Butterball potatoes, onions, garlic, kale, eggplant, green beans, summer squash, tomatoes, sweet peppers, and basil, cilantro, and parsley.

The German Butterballs are nice, versatile potatoes.  Because they only had about an inch of rain in their whole lives, they are small, so I'm going to give you only a pound or so to make sure that everybody gets to taste them.  We'll try them again next year and hope for bigger spuds.

We're done with the white and light yellow summer onions.  If you've got any at your house, you know they don't store very well.  Use them!!!!  You're not going to get any better onions anywhere.  We're moving into the storage onions now, yellow and red.  They store longer (but not forever!) because they have less sugar in their cells.  They're still great, but not as sweet as my favorite summer onions.

Same thing with the garlic.  I've mostly been giving you Musik, a great big sweet garlic that looks and tastes great, but it will start growing if you try to keep it into the fall.  Use it!!!  We've got just a little more Musik, then I'll start switching you over to the less sweet, longer lasting, hardneck storage garlics like German Red and Chesnock Red.  I can't give you all the garlic we harvested this summer; gotta save some of it to plant this fall so we'll have more next year.

Tomatoes continue to ripen slowly.  I anticipate lots of tomatoes of all shapes, sizes, and colors sometime very soon.   This weekend, we even found one that is green when it is ripe.   I sure don't know how that happened!

We had wonderful rain last week which is going to make a huge difference in the fall garden.  Last Sunday/Monday, we ended up with .5", then on Thursday morning we had a whopping 2" of rain in about two hours!!!!  It was fantastic.   We've had about 5" of rain in the last three weeks, a real unexpected blessing.  No more griping about the weather allowed around here, at least for a while.  (Although I am happy that it is warming up this week.  We need the warm nights and hottish days to grow peppers, tomatoes, and squash.)

There are four kitties here who need new homes.  Immediately.  They are eight weeks old now, and ready to go.  If you want one, or know somebody who wants one, let me know.  Their mother has started taking them on road trips and I'm afraid we're going to lose a couple to the wild if we don't get them out of here. Feral cats are a HUGE environmental disaster.  They eat EVERYTHING they find, but mostly endangered, neotropical, migratory songbirds.  I don't want to contribute to that problem.  As always, kitties are free.

I'll be putting my nomination papers for Linn Soil and Water Conservation District out on Monday for you to sign if you are interested.  I need 25 Linn County residents to nominate me for election.  Assuming that happens, this will be my 4th? or 5th? election as a soil and water commissioner. 

There will be a daylong IOWATER training on September 7 at Lowe Park in Marion that will be especially tailored to residents of the Indian Creek watershed, although anybody can attend.  Many of you live in the Indian Creek watershed, a 93-square mile area which includes Marion, Robins, Hiawatha, Alburnett, and some of northeast Cedar Rapids.   (I think this will link you to a map of the watershed.)   IOWATER volunteers monitor water quality in the streams near their homes and report their findings to the Iowa DNR for their water quality database.  No experience or science background needed.  If you'd like to know more, zap me a note and I'll send you the brochure.

See you this week,



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