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rain was great, 2012 season starts this week

Greetings new and returning CSA shareholders,
This week, we'll have lettuce, a few garlic scapes, bok chois, and gobs of sugar snap peas.  YIPPEEEE!!!   I'd hoped to have a few more things for you at the beginning, but the drought has made everything here a little more complicated.  I'd also planned to write you a long and fact-filled newsletter tonight, but the truth is, I'm out of steam!  Fighting drought has sucked just about every ounce of time and energy I've had for the last couple of weeks, so paperwork and lawn care have taken a seat pretty far in the back.  Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, I'll be able to give you a little more information about the spring so far.  It's been a challenge.
Vegetable pickup for the season starts tomorrow, Monday, June 4, and Thursday, June 7.  You can come any time between 4:30 and 7:00.  The farm address is 825 Abbe Hills Road, Mt. Vernon.  Remember to bring a handful of bags.  I'll have some emergency ones available, but I'm going to try to get you to bring more veggie bags from home by making it more difficult to get them from me.  I'm using so much plastic to mulch the gardens (a drought strategy), maybe I can be redeemed if you use your recycled bags for packing!
We've only got one kitty this spring.  It's going to be tough when 80 kids want to hold her at the same time.  Not sure what happened to the other 7 kittens, but there was a pretty fat raccoon here for a while.  Hope there is no relationship.  We do have the hens up near the shed, plus 120 replacement pullets (teenager hens) in the chicken house in the shed.  Kids usually enjoy watching them.
Bring the kids.  Leave the pets at home, please.  Lucky, the dog, will be lounging around.  He's enough pet for everybody.
There is a Parking Witch deep within my psyche.  I work hard to keep her from emerging.  Please help me with that  this week.  From Abbe Hills Road, please enter the farm through the farm driveway (the one without a mailbox), drive all the way around the building, and park somewhere along the right side of the house driveway (the one with the mailbox), or in the field on the west side of the driveway.  It keeps everyone safer, especially the kids, if we can keep the vehicles far away from the action near the shed.  If you are elderly, or can't walk, there are about three spaces on the grass near the shed where you can park.   Everybody else, keep driving!!! 
(Here is a life skill for farms.  Never drive off the path or where the grass hasn't been mowed.  Usually there is something pointy and made out of iron hidden there.)
We have a bread baker this year.  Her name is Charlotte Ruddy, and she is GREAT.  She'll have bread for you to taste, plus loaves to sell, plus I think she'll be taking registrations for bread shares that you could pick up each week with your vegetables.  So, bring $5 and hope you get here in time to get some.
The IRENEW Energy Expo is this upcoming weekend, June 8-10, at Kirkwood.  I urge you to attend if you are thinking about ways to make your life more energy efficient.  You'll be able to see the new wind facility at Kirkwood, plus meet the vendors of the latest products, talk with experts, attend workshops.  I'm going to try to get away from home for a few hours so I can learn more about solar.  I'm dreaming of inventing the first solar powered, portable irrigation system that can pump water uphill from the surface of a pond and not make any noise while doing it.
There may be some paperwork mess-ups this first week, but I think everything else is going to be fine.  We've got some lovely vegetables for you.
See you this week,
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