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Dogs and sheep herding

Who knew dogs need a vacation too. Ever since we came back from our vacation with Hector he has been much more active and eager to help on the farm. The other day we were moving the sheep and Hector held the line. I put him on a down stay in a direction I didn't want the sheep to go and he did what he does best he laid there. It worked perfectly the sheep took one look at him and decided to go a different direction. This may not sound that difficult for a dog to do, but when you have one llama and 8 sheep running straight at you it's hard not to flinch. Hector just turned his head so he wasn't watching them, I think had I been closer I could have seen his eyes squint.

Tripper and Axle were with me. I think Tripper is hopeless since his idea of sheep herding involves falling on his back and putting all four feet in the air. Axle just didn't seem to get it yet. He didn't even realize the sheep were coming at him because he had his back turned and was watching me thinking he might get a treat if he sat really nice. He's still young and I think it's a good sign that he wasn't upside down like Tripper. He may still have potential.
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