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Another week of the farm. Nothing special just every day farm stuff.

This week on the farm: It was a very productive week. We got the new pump running, moved all the cattle around and convinced the sheep to move to a new pen. We are getting all the animals out to pasture, a little late this year because of all the irrigation problems. All the tomatoes are planted. I think I lost about half my onions in the great irrigation disaster. I held off on planting a bunch of other things with all the water issues. The gooseberries and currants seem to be producing well this year. My hazelnut bushes are finally starting to grow and one of my bantam hens hatched 4 of the cutest little babies. Each chick is only about the size of your thumb but they do have pluck. They scurry quickly away from the feet of the big hens as they come over to steal their food. My mom noticed the bantam mom doing something very interesting before she brought the food over for the hen and babies. The hen was collecting grass and bringing it to her babies since her babies were too little to move far from the nest and were still too slow to avoid the big hens. I thought this was really interesting. I like the little bantams because they are so resourceful.
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