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Dirty Rotten Tomato Eating Chickens

This week on the farm: we have some very very bad chickens. I had this tomato, you know the one, the first of the season. You watch it grow from a little green ball into a beautiful red lumpy sun kissed orb. I was watching this tomato, making sure the plant got plenty of water. It was going to be ready to harvest Sunday or Monday. I wanted to pick it when it was just perfect. So it would have the full of flavor from the sun. I was checking it daily to make sure it was just right, just beginning to soften.

Then Saturday I went out to water my tomato plans and a massacre had happened. My beautiful 2 lb juicy ripe tomato lay on the ground all ripped to shreds. I couldn't look at it. It looked too grotesque. I walked around to the other side and noticed a number of tomatoes had been tasted. Apparently the chickens came to the same conclusion I did on which one was the best. I just walked away it was too heart breaking. When I came back later it's like it never existed. Not even a stem was left.

The next morning I got up at 5 am before the chickens wake and put chicken wire around my tomatoes. I spent a lot of time counting to 10 and didn't even want to look at the chickens. I hope the eggs taste good this week. They should have that nice sun kissed flavor.
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