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Moving around the ducks and the geese

This week on the farm: I sold my small flock of Silver Appleyard ducks. I found them a good home where they will be kept as a breeding flock. I really liked them, but in my desire to get this farm more efficient we decided to only keep one breed of ducks so we don't have to try keeping the two flocks separate during breeding season. We are also working on fencing in a large dog run and waterfowl area. The plan is to let the dogs, ducks and geese share the same area so we don't have to lock the ducks and geese up every night. My goal is to let the ducks and geese hatch out their own ducklings and goslings. Currently we have to lock them up every night to keep them safe they can't sit on a nest and brood the eggs. So the plan is to let the dogs patrol the duck and goose area to keep them safe at night. The only small problem I will have to overcome is the dogs are allowed to eat any eggs not laid on a designated nest because I have no idea how old the eggs are and wouldn't sell them. So I will have to put little duck and goose houses around the pond that have dog proof entrances. Luckily my dogs are big so that won't be a problem. The dogs, Hector especially, are very good at finding eggs.

Last year the dogs followed Henrietta Turkey around until she laid her egg. She go wise to the dogs and started going further and further out in the field. This year she found the perfect place. I have a little John Deere Lawn Tractor that I need to replace a belt, but don't know how to do it and I will have put up on blocks to even get underneath, so I've been finding all sorts of other projects to finish first. Henrietta has made this her new brooding area.  Since she is our only adult turkey her eggs are not fertile. We want Henrietta to be successful because she tries so hard so my mom swapped out he eggs with chicken eggs. Hopefully this will be Henrietta's year to hatch babies. She would be such a great mom.
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