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This week on the farm: We finally have our irrigation water. The latest challenge on the farm, ticks. Those nasty little blood suckers. The only place on the property we have problem is in the willow trees near the irrigation ditch. They are nasty little buggers. The don't scare me so much anymore. I have gotten really good at de-ticking the dogs. This year I gave them the tick medication, but it doesn't seem to help. I've heard rubbing them with oranges helps. I have to get Axle to hold still long enough to rub oranges all over him. I don't think he will like it much. In the past our guinea fowls helped keep the population down, but last year in our effort to down size we got ride of the last of the guinea fowl. All we had left was males because the females would nest in the tall grass and were easy prey for coyotes, so until we can find a better solution to keep them safe we won't get more guinea fowl. Till then we have to deal with ticks. Luckily no humans have had a tick take hold. I've had them only my clothes and freak out over every possible creepy crawly I imagine I feel. They are hard to kill. I found pliers are the best weapon and keep a pair in my back pocket at all times. Hector an Tripper are used to the evening de-ticking, but Axle still thinks he has to bite everything and will not hold still. I know ticks sound terrible and I know Lime disease is a danger, but what do you do? I'll try a different medication on the dogs to keep them safe, but the medication has it's own side effects. It's just another thing you deal with and move on.
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