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Unwelcome New Neighbors

Just recently, I was mentioning that sometimes I wished we could just pick up the farm and drop it somewhere...cooler, closer to the ocean, nearer family, or a big city, or an organic haven...then on our way home recently my husband noticed two new signs in our neighbors field, well off the road. So, I and my nosey-ness had to go check them out.

I hiked down the railroad tracks to see what was up...then returned to my car to get my phone to get a picture. I need to document this. One sign said Mycogen 2K595, (blank) Crop Science, the other Mycogen TMF2L538, (blank) crop science. Huh....time to look it up at home.

These fields which sit 100 yards upwind from our farm,  have been in alfalfa for at least the last 10 years, and surrounded by houses and farms on three sides. About 1000 acres of hay. Well, not anymore. They had already baled the first cutting of alfalfa, and had been working hard on it. It was now alfalfa and GMO corn. Roundup ready, Bt corn. Great, a double smack of reality.

We will not have any peaches, apricots, or necterines this year. Only my self-pollinating Asian pear and heirloom pears have fruit. We had bees out early on, then they were gone. The strawberries are a little down as well. As an organic farm, we have battled about everything...leafhopper. .grasshoppers...tree slug...massive tumbleweeds that have broken fences...new weeds...lack of bees...and now... biotech contamination, not to mention herbicide contamination. It looks as if we will now have to plan hand-pollinating pumpkins on a yearly basis.

Mind you, I have always called us an island in a sea of giant corporate farmers. We are only five acres surrounded by giant ag. The idea of moving to an island in not a bad idea...Oh, wait, that is where the bio seed came from thanks to the demand of the giant subsidized corporate farms here that surround us.

Well, off to warn my neighbors to watch their home gardens as well as their animals for the signs of drift. Of course we all live down wind. I think the farm will stay, it's just us who will be....well you probably know where I am going with this....I just wish I knew.


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