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Meanwhile, down at the farm...
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Where to begin...

Finally, 2012 is full speed ahead. We have been trying to get this farm up and running the last three years, but life has seemed to get in the way. But once you finally get your ducks in a row, things seem to begin the fall into place. But family business comes before business business.

We are excited for the 2012 season. These warm winter days make it hard to focus on "inside" business.So I was out testing raised beds with a garden shovel. Which are frozen, which can be weeded, which are good prospects for early row covers? But most importantly, which are getting the most sun.

After reprimanding dogs, who love these warm winter days and are tearing around the garden, crashing through flowerbeds, chasing anything that moves, its back inside. Priorities. Updating seed prospects, adding new ideas to our garden journal. Basically, adding more work to the "to do list".

Then the boys tell me today is Ground Hog's Day. What, already?! How can you already be behind when you haven't even started yet? No biggie. Don't forget, we have our ducks in a row. Right!

Hurray for 2012.

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