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Supersize my loaf!

Recently I received an email form a Bread CSA member concerning the size of our bread loaves and wondering if there was a way to maintain cost effectiveness while using organic ingredients. Below is my response which I think addresses the heart of the issue.

Here is the illusion we have been made to believe in this country... The bigger the better mentality permeates our culture.

The weight of the bread you receive is between a pound and a tenth and a pound and a quarter. The wheat you are getting is non genetically modifed and some of the best milled wheat available in this country.

The process I use, the old world technique of natural leavening with lactobacillus and a host of wild yeast is time intensive. I also use the best local ingredients I can to add flavor and variety.

Organic presents issues for cost effectiveness, however it is not 'the' cost factor limiting the size of the loaf. It is the size of a commercially processed yeasted loaf of bread that has set our standard for value.

I would hope that the density of our REAL BREAD satiates appetites more than the big puffy 1 pound loaf of commercially available bread (organic take and bake at $5.96 per loaf available at the Supermarket).

I find consistently that we would rather feed our eyes and minds with the illusion of value than to feed our bodies with true nutritious foods.

So I ask you what is truly more cost effective and of value? The illusion of value by volume of air or nutritional density based on REAL substance and sound practices.

Let me know if you prefer yeasted loaves - I have one customer that her daugther cannot have commercial yeast. I also prefer not to use yeast, but occassionaly add it for volume.

Where do you draw the line for Organic food purchasing? At what point is the perception of value? email

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