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More Babies

We got 10 inches of snow on Tuesday!!  There were three kids born that day, too.  Yesterday there were two more born.  All are doing fine.  The snow has pretty much melted away again.  The main goat pen is a swamp with all the water in it now.  I hope it dries up quickly!  I am going to rent a tractor to clean out the pens this year. 

   There are 18 kids out there now.  One more boy than there are girls.  There are still two does left to kid, tho, so I'm hoping for more girls.  They are so cute and entertaining to watch.  Lucky is starting to jump up into my arms now.  He does it once, then forgets how he did it, and just jumps up and down instead of running up my leg.  He's such a funny little guy. 

  There is only one little guy that doesn't want to have anything to do with me.  The rest of the them are friendly and come up to get their daily body scratches.  I sit down and they are climbing all over me.  I'm their personal jungle gym. :-)

I'm starting to make butter and ice cream and all that good stuff from the goat's  milk now.  I'm getting 5 quarts a day with once a day milkings, and the kids getting their fair share.  Dottie has a ton of milk!  Her udder is huge.  Speckles isn't giving me all that much, and Belle is only giving me about 2 cups a day on her second year without kidding.  She will have kids again next year.

  I'll be posting some pictures of the new kids on my website one of these days.  I've taken a lot, so I need to sort through them to pick the best ones.

Well, that's all for now, more as it happens....

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