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New Additions

Well, we have two new additions to the crew here.  This last week-end I went over to Spokane, WA and picked up two miniature horses!  One is a former show horse that has won everything there is to win her yearling year, and the other one is just a broodmare.  Now Rascal has some company of his own kind.  Although, he doesn't seem to be too excited about them.  He met them across the fence, and after going back and forth along the fencline for about 10 minutes, he walked away and started eating, then pretty much ignored them.  When it was time to go back to his pen, he came right up when I called him.

   I got to visit my friends and fellow cashmere raisers while I was over there.  That was fun.  It was a nice little get-away.

   I'm getting some calls on my goats that are for sale.  I might sell some of them yet.  Although I won't be too sad if none of them sell.  They are all my pets, and most of them have excellent fleece.  I just need more land to graze them on.  They have eaten our place down pretty good now.  I've been playing goatherder for a couple of hours most afternoons and taking them out into the forest to browse.  They fill up in a hurry and look like they will pop if you stick a pin in their sides.  They usually follow me around wherever I go.  Sometimes they take off on their own, and I have to follow them.  They sound like a herd of elephants out there stomping through the woods. 

   I  got some of my cashmere back from the mill, so now I can sell the cloud and also start spinning it up into yarn!  I have to hurry and get some done before the end of the Farmers' Market in October.  I'll be at the market for the next three Saturdays at least, maybe another week or two, depending on the weather, and all of that.

  Well, that's it for now.... 

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