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It's hay hauling time again

It's time to haul the rest of the hay for this year.  20 tons to go.  I call it my "concentrated strength training" for the year.  One thing about it, I sure don't need a gym membership!  I still use the small square bales.  Living on a hill and not having a big tractor to move the big round or square bales around, I like the small bales.  They are way more labor intensive than the big bales, but they sure are easier to feed when one has multiple pens of goats. 

  We now have a mini horse added to the crew.  I rescued him from some people up in the northern part of the valley who had no idea how to take care of one.  His feet were horribly over-grown.  It took me an hour just to do his back feet, and about an hour and a half to do his front.  They still aren't normal, but at least he's standing straight again.  I'm going to finish the trimming this week.  He's a really nice looking little guy.  If I had registration papers on him, I could show him. 

   We finally had a guinea hatch out a single baby.  It didn't last the day, once the parents left the nest and took it with them.  I found it dead laying in the buck pen.  He didn't kill it, the parents weren't keeping it warm enough, and expecting the little thing to go wherever they went, even though it's little legs were too short to follow them.  Guineas do not make good parents!  If any more hatch out anywhere, I am going to catch them and put them in a brooder till they are old enough to make it on their own.

   Well, that's it for now.... 

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