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July babies!

   Today was a day full of new babies!  This morning at around 5am, Molly had her kid.  A little buckling I named Spunky.  I missed the birth!  At 6, I went out to check on her, and there was a little kid looking at me, all cleaned off and moving around eating, etc.  Molly is a good mom, very attentive.  This is her first kid and I was worried that she wouldn't take care of it, but I was worrying for nothing.  She is keeping him in the corner of their shed, out of the way of the other goats in there.  She's got plenty of milk for him, too.

   There were 4 baby turkeys that hatched out today, too.  Hope they have a better survival rate than the last ones.  There are only 2 that have survived out of the earlier hatches.  They are cute.  They are big enough to get up on the roosting pole, so the mama hen has one baby under each wing.

   I've almost got the garden beds re-done.  The veggies are starting to come up pretty good now.  This is a late year for gardening!  Hope we get a long fall so we can get a good harvest.  The flowers are looking really nice this year.  All the rain we had really did them good!

   There is a bear in the vicinity, and a mountain lion, too.  We heard the lion growling Sunday evening two different times.  The neighbor that has a vacation cabin close by is here for a couple of weeks and he must have disturbed the mountian lion when he came in on Sunday.  Hope the cat stays away from my goats!  There are plenty of deer for it to eat, so I think my goats are safe.  Last night the dogs barked at something most of the night.  I thought I heard a bear growl when I stepped outside once to see what was happening.  It was over on the other neighbors' place.  Glad we have the dogs!  Well that's it for now... 


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