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Kids everywhere!

  Today there were three new kids born within an hour of each other.  Sara had twin girls and Camilla had one big boy!  They are all doing great.  All three of them are shades of brown.  Rusty is throwing some really nice kids this year.

   Tomorrow there should be at least two other does giving birth.  I hope it's not at the same time as the guy coming up to do the house appraisal is doing his thing!

   I am up to 56 goats already with these babies.  There are twelve new kids out there now.  The girl/boy ratio is improving a bit.  5 girls, 7 boys.  Hopefully there will be some girls born tomorrow.  It will be interesting to see what colors come out next.  So far Lucky is the only black one.  There are two cream colored ones, then the browns.

   When I was down on my hands and knees helping deliver the kids today, the other kids were jumping all over me and just generally getting in the way.  They would grab the paper towels, the bag I was putting the used paper towels in, and just being little pests.  The little varmits.  They are too cute!

   Well, that's the update for today.  More as it happens.... 

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