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Mountain Lion!

I had a most exciting Saturday!  I got to see a treed mountain lion just up behind our place!  I got some really good pictures of him, which if I knew how to put them on here, I would.  I do have a picture on the blog off my website.

   Hounds are quite loud when they are baying right next to you!  Cute, too.  It's chase season here, so cameras are the only weapon used.  The hunter I was with said this is a new lion, a young tom that he hasn't seen before, so that makes four different lions in this area.  They are staying away from our place, and just eating the deer that are around.  Nellie, our Great Pyrenees, is doing a wonderful job of keeping all the predators away.

   I am still waiting for Maggie, the first doe to kid this year.  She was due last Thursday, but still hasn't done anything, and doesn't look like anything will happen anytime soon.  Another sleepless night, getting up to check on her at least four times during the night.  Since this is her first one, I want to make sure she takes care of it.  I don't want to go out in the morning and find a dead kid because it didn't get the proper care right away.

  Well, off to check on her right now...

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