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Happy New Year!

Happy New year!  2012 is going to be an interesting, fast paced year.

We are having a very mild winter so far.  Our road is pretty icy now, a couple of sections you could go ice skating on.  The scariest parts are down to the bare gravel, thank heavens!  there isn't very much snow up here at all.  The hill behind the house is bare, along with under the trees.  Where there is snow, it's only about 5 inches deep.  It's got a crust hard enough for me to walk on, and I'm no lightweight!

  The goats are all doing well.  The does are starting to look pregnant now.  Miss Astrid stuck her head through the fence again yesterday and got beat up pretty good.  She's got the goat equivalent of two black eyes.  Will she ever learn?  She is always the one to get in trouble, get in places she shouldn't be and get stuck, wherever there is trouble, there she is.  Her kids from last year, Socks and Oksana are the same way.  I'm in the process of getting all of the goats' hooves trimmed, and those two are right there getting in the way all the time.  The goats get a little treat while they are standing in the grooming stand to help keep them standing still and Socks and Oksana have discovered that, so every time a goat gets up there they try to get up on the stand with whoever is on it at the time to get at the treats.  The little piglets! lol  They are a fat little set, but they are so cute, I just have to laugh at them. 

   I am about to start dehairing all of my own cashmere now!  I am really excited to get at it again.  I did some of it for the CSA shares, but there is still about 5 shares worth of the 2010 harvest left, plus all of 2011 to do.  Then it will be time to comb the goats for this year.  Time flies!      

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