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Spring might be here, Finally!

I think spring might finally be here!  The snow is almost all gone, at least here in the yard.  There is still some out in the forest, but it's going away.  It's been a long, snowy winter.  Now the Glacier Lilies are blooming, the pussy willows are budding, my tulips and daffodils are growing, the grass is turning green, life is good!

  The deer ate half my tulip bed, even though it was covered.  The deer stuck it's head under the corner and lifted the mesh up and got a corner of the one bed.  GRrrrrr!  A deer also was going inside the hayshed like it owned the place.  Grandma, as I call the biggest doe that comes around, even has the dogs afraid of her!  She looks at them, stomps her foot and they turn and run.  She has gone after them before it seems...

   There are four Cashmere kids this year.  Three girls and one boy.  The one boy is a dark brown with bright white socks that go up to his knees on the front legs.    He looks like he's wearing splints or something.  He's going to be a nice looking wether when he grows up!   The girls are all solid colored, two black and one brown one.  All very cute!  Now I'm waiting for the one dairy doe to have her kids, which should be sometime next week, then that will be all for this year. 

   It's Spring clean up time around here now that the snow is going away.  It's rather scary what is appearing as the snow melts! :-)  Lots to do around here, as usual.  There is the dehairing on top of that now.  That is going well.  Never a dull moment around here!  Happy Spring!


Kids are fun!

  All the kids are doing fine.  The 14 cashmere kids are always getting into mischief.  The 4 dairy kids are trying to, but they don't climb through the fence like the cashmeres do, so they can't get into much.

   I am getting plenty of milk now!  I've been making cheese, butter, ice cream and soap with it.  We drink quite a bit, too.  Good stuff!!

   I have two of the cashmere does for sale now.  I finally have enough does that I can sell some for breeding stock!  These two have longer guard hair than I want in my herd, so they are going to find new homes.  Each one has a new kid that comes with her, too.  I will miss them, but I can't keep every goat, and these two have good fleece, so they will make someone a nice little starter herd.  Bridget, one of the does, throws really nice kids.  Lucy, the other one threw a nice one, too.  This was her first one.  She is Bridget's daughter.  The buckling I sold two years ago out of Bridget is throwing some nice kids over by Spokane.  His micron count is 14.1!  He's got nice cashmere!!

   Bridget and her kid, a wether named Lucky are both black.  Lucky looks like he will have the shorter guard hair.  Lucy is black and her little kid, a doeling is a rich dark red.  She is cute!  Lucky comes right over to me for petting when he sees me come into the pen.  He's a very friendly little guy.    Carmel, the little girl is getting pretty friendly, too.  Both Bridget and Lucy are friendly and easy going.  There are pictures on my website of them on the goats for sale page.


Kids everywhere!

  Today there were three new kids born within an hour of each other.  Sara had twin girls and Camilla had one big boy!  They are all doing great.  All three of them are shades of brown.  Rusty is throwing some really nice kids this year.

   Tomorrow there should be at least two other does giving birth.  I hope it's not at the same time as the guy coming up to do the house appraisal is doing his thing!

   I am up to 56 goats already with these babies.  There are twelve new kids out there now.  The girl/boy ratio is improving a bit.  5 girls, 7 boys.  Hopefully there will be some girls born tomorrow.  It will be interesting to see what colors come out next.  So far Lucky is the only black one.  There are two cream colored ones, then the browns.

   When I was down on my hands and knees helping deliver the kids today, the other kids were jumping all over me and just generally getting in the way.  They would grab the paper towels, the bag I was putting the used paper towels in, and just being little pests.  The little varmits.  They are too cute!

   Well, that's the update for today.  More as it happens.... 

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