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More rain

It just keeps on raining.  We have an inch now, and it's still coming down.  It let up for a couple of hours this afternoon, so I let the goats out for a while. 

   Since I was inside, I did some spinning, crocheting and cheese making.  It's good to have an "inside" day to get things done.

  Yesterday I was out in the garden most of the day.  The strawberry/asparagus bed is finally completely weeded, at least for the time being.  It was pretty bad.  There was enough vegetation that came out of it to feed all the goats a good amount.  They enjoyed that!

   We are getting a good amount of asparagus this year.  It is so good.  I made my first "cream of asparagus" soup tonight.  It was okay.  Next time I'm going to make my own version, now that I know the basics. 

  We are going back to the Square Foot gardening method.  I've made six beds so far.  Got 134 onions planted in one, plus two squares of carrots.  You can get a lot of veggies in one bed!  I planted potatoes in two others.  Peas along the back of three of them.  It will be interesting to see how it all goes this year.  This spring has been slow, so the garden is just now getting planted.  Thankfully, we usually have a late autumn, so we should still get a good harvest.

  Well, that's it for now.  More as it happens.....


Rain, rain and more rain

  It has been raining since Wednesday.  We now have a little over 3 inches, and it's still lightly raining off and on.  This should make the grass start growing, if it warms up, that is! 

   My tulips are still blooming and make a nice bright spot in all the cloudy weather.  There are over 100 blooms this year!

  The goats aren't overly thrilled with this weather.  The main pen is a mud bog, with just a few dry spots.  At least the back part of their pen is relatively dry.  They don't have to be in the mud all the time.  The kids can squirt through the fence, so they come out into the yard into the grass and eat.  My version of "creep" feeding.  They can eat whenever they want to. 

   I was making good progress on cleaning the pens, and re-doing the garden beds until I pulled a muscle in my back.  That slowed me down considerably.  At least it's been raining so I can't do much outside anyway.  I've been spinning, dyeing and crocheting, so that is keeping me busy. 

    I've also made a couple of batches of soap and figured out a new packaging idea.  I'll see how it does at the Farmers' Market next time I go.  I've only been to two markets so far this season.  The weather has not been cooperating.  Last week I listened to the weather forecast which said it would be rainy, so I didn't load up my stuff Friday night.  I woke up to clear skies!  So I missed that day, I didn't have enough time to get everything loaded and there in time.  This week it was raining, so I didn't go.  Hopefully next week I can get there.  I want to see how my new products do.

  Hopefully after this rain, it will warm up and everything will grow.  Then I can get the garden planted!  Good thing we have lettuce and spinach in the greenhouse.  This is the earliest we've ever had our own salads! Yum!  We planted potatoes about a month ago, and they all rotted in the ground.  The soil just isn't warming up very fast this year.  But, we've planted the whole garden as late as mid-June and still had a great harvest, so we shall see.  Life in Montana....  The weather is changing all over the planet, so we just have to be prepared for anything these days....

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