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The adventures of raising cashmere goats.
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The Perfection in Silence

This evening after I was done feeding all the animals, I just stopped and listened for a few minutes.  It was absolutely still and quiet out.  I just stood there and absorbed the silence.  The snow on the trees and ground was muffling all sound, and it was so beautiful out, that I just had to stop and feel it.  A special moment indeed.


   The goats are all well.  They are in full fleece and so soft now!  I love just going out there and petting them and burying my hands in their cashmere.  I really am a lucky person to live where I do and have all these wonderful creatures around me.  Working with cashmere is so great!

  There are 14 does that are pregnant now, so there will be lots of babies come Spring.  

  This fall I had some helpxers up here helping me get things ready for winter.  They were all great, and sure were a huge help!  I look forward to next year and more of them coming and staying for a week or so at a time and helping me get the things accomplished that I want to.  

  I'm hoping to get a little guest cabin built, so people can stay in a more comfortable place than my little camper.  Although the bed in the camper is comfortable, there just isn't much room in it.  I really want to start a farm stay here, which will grow into a fiber arts retreat center in a few years.  I would love to have a space to hold classes, have informal spin-ins, knit-ins, etc. The land around us is perfect for hiking, so outdoor activities will be featured, too.  That is the dream, and I am starting to seriously work towards that in 2013.   Summer will be spent building the cabin to get started.  I have a vision for this place that is pretty neat.  

Well, have a great Holiday Season everyone! 


Winter is here, and came with a bang!

    Winter is here, and it sure came in fast!  We got 16 inches of snow in about 12 hours.  Spent two days digging out, then got 9 more inches!  Thank heavens most of it melted this last week, down to 5 inches.  Friday morning we had a raging blizzard that dumped 3 more inches.  I woke up at 4:30am, looked out the door and couldn't even see the deck railing, it was a white-out!  Went back to bed again, got up at 5:30am, looked out again, a deeper white-out!  When I got up again after daylight, it had let up a bit, but the wind was still howling.  We usually don't get hard winds up here, being tucked up against the south side of a hill, but it sure has been windy the last week or so.  Today was finally a still day.  Cloudy, but no wind.

  I'm almost done with dehairing outside cashmere for the year!  Then I can get mine all done finally and spend the rest of the winter spinning and crocheting nothing but cashmere.  What a life of luxury. lol !!

   I think all the does are bred now, except for Bridget.  She's going to visit Rusty on Dec 1st and stay there till the deed is done.  I've somehow missed two of her last heat cycles, so this time I'm just putting her in a few days early and hope it happens.

   Hunting season is over tomorrow!  I will be so glad to have the road to ourselves again.  No annoying road hunters creeping along, not pulling off till one honks at them.  Road hunting is illegal, too! 

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