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April happenings

Loving this weather lately!  Not a whole bunch to update you on , but try to get here at least once a month to keep you informed.

Still waiting on Waterford Township for a formal approval so we can finally get going on building our little country store. It will have a variety of items you can purchase. We were hoping to be up and running in the Spring/Summer, but now it looks like it will be more like Fall. Everything else is in line and ready to go. Just need the approval for a small holding tank for our hand washing sink and we're good to go. I never thought that it would take this long (9 months so far !!) but government is a very slow moving machine, I've come to find out.

We have increased our cattle and hogs recently and we now have 14 sows and 1 very happy, busy boar. We have 17 cows--beef and dairy with 4 due to deliver this month. There are 3 hogs to be delivered to the local butcher shops for customers this month, and another 5 in May. The beef we are raising for our customers will be ready--1 this fall and then 5 next fall. Beef takes longer to raise to market weight.

The plants in the greenhouse are looking very well. I did not get very many tulips and daffodils like I planned, but will try again next year. Once we get past the possibility of frost, we'll be ready to get the plants in the garden and 'get things growing' !!!

A special note--- we have found an Amish family where we will be getting a few hanging baskets and more bedding plants to have available for you the first of May.

I have made a change in my work schedule, so that now I should be here and available to help you if you stop out on a Friday or Saturday during our hours of 9am to 7pm. Also, I will be available on Sundays, but after we get home from church.

We'll be adding 60 more hens to our flock on the 24th of April. They will be ready to start laying those great brown eggs probably the beginning of June.

We have placed and received our first order of items from Troyer Cheese in Millersburg, Oh, and now have ready for you: rolled butter, raw milk cheese, other cheeses, some snacks, some health care items and some fudge. I also have purchased local honey, local maple syrup, jams and some relish mixes along with local potatoes (red or white).

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or just call 814 490 2179

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon!

Blaine & Karen

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