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February Update

Hello all!
We had a great time with our January contest--"STONE SOUP SATURDAY"this past week. There were many delicious soups entered and everyone who stopped that day got to taste and cast their vote. The winner was Mrs. Janice Buhl and her Cheeseburger Soup. She won a new crockpot, cookbooks, blanket and many other items. This month we are dedicating to our FIRST TIME VISITORS & the FRIENDS who suggest they stop by and check us out. If you happen to be a 1st time visitor, simply leave your contact info, your friend's name and you are entered! We will pick 5 winners on March 1st to win gift certificates from our store. Regular customers are entered each and every time they have a new visitor drop by and enter. It would be possible for one of our long time customers to win ALL 5 times!

We had a pig butchered and put her in our freezer in the store 2 weeks ago. She was 335 pounds and we had her done in bacon, canadian bacon, and a few different sausages. The bacon sold out the first week but there is plenty of sausage left. There are hot, sweet italian, maple bulk and maple breakfast links.

We'll be adding another whole pig sometime in May when it is ready. In August or September we'll have beef available again as well. The steers and pigs we are raising for familes are doing very well. Pigs will be market ready  in April and another litter in May. The steers should be ready about July or August.

Since we are constantly adding new items from Troyer Cheese in Millersburg Ohio, and from Dutch Valley Foods in Lancaster, Pa, it is hard to have an up to date 'current products available' page for you to review. If you are wondering about a certain item we might carry, simply email me or call and I'll be happy to help!

The deli meats and cheeses are doing very well after a slow start. We have a basic variety, all from the Amish company, Troyer Cheese. We have : Roast Beef, Off the Bone Ham, Honey Roasted Turkey Breast, Hard Salami, Beef Bologna.  The cheeses we carry are all prepackaged in 8 ounces. They are: provolone, pepper jack, swiss, muenster,american,pepperoni cheese, salami cheese, blueberry cheddar cheese, marble,raw milk cheddar, raw milk smoked cheddar, baby swiss and limberger. We've been told that our prices are much better than the grocery store. The roast beef would be the most per pound and is $5.75.

I'm looking forward to getting into the greenhouse sometime this month and starting some seeds, forcing some bulbs and doing some spinach and herb gardens. Once my heater-guy comes through with a more reliable heat source, I'll be tinkering in there as much as possible.  I'm so tired of the snow and cold!

I'll try to touch back here in a month or so to update as needed. Until then, thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact us anytime. Our hours changed due to my work schedule changing so I am here 10am to 7pm everyday but Sunday. To keep up with any news, you can find us on FACE BOOK and check out our pictures there!

God Bless !
Blaine & Karen

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