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last snow of the season, we hope

Well, that Erie lake effect snow thing has happened again and hopefully it will be the last of the season.  Here on the farm we are preparing for spring, as are most rural people in the area, I'm sure.

I will be confined to the house here for a month or so after tomorrow's surgery. Not looking forward to it and hoping the recovery time will pass quickly and with as lilttle pain as possible.  I am having both knees partially replaced, or at least they have promised to fix the problems I have had since a car accident in 2004 when my vehicle was T-boned by a school bus.  Funny how long it takes to realize that something is wrong.

Here on the farm, we have delivered 4 litters of baby pigs, which the majority of are spoken for by local 4H youth. We have had a small number this year per litter and not quite sure the reasons.  We are checking into this and are thinking it might be the minerals that were added to the feed. Very nice gilts and barrows and they are growing very nicely.  We hope to see some of them in the upcoming fairs in a few months and hope to see them with those treasured banners above their pens!

I have been hobbling back and forth to the new greenhouse to check on the seedlings and start more seeds for  the garden and for customers that will want to buy for their home gardens.  They are progressing nicely. I have started quite a few flats of flowers and am anxious to see if my green thumb extends to flowers as well as the vegetable plants.  I tried my hand at 'forcing' daffadil and tulip bulbs this year and am learning for next year's crop. I hope to have an abundance next year in time for your Easter purchases. This year they have done well, but I see room for improvement. 

I know this snowfall will last today and tomorrow, perhaps, but am looking forward to worrying about keeping the greenhouse cool rather than warm.  I know hubby dearest is looking forward to having time to check the pasture fence and make any repairs so that Bully and the girls can get out to the pasture real soon and the 'shoveling' will be on hold for them, at least until November when it will be time to put them back in the barn. We should have 2 calves born and are hoping of course for heifers to build on the herd. Right now we have : Bully, Nina, Lily, Petey, and Calvin (he was Oreo but as he grew, he looks more like the Calvin of "Calvin & Hobbs", thus the name change). 

We are looking for breeding swine as well, to alter our blood lines. If anyone knows of gilts in the Erie or into Ohio area, please, please, please let us know.  We have purchased from Parrish farms before in the past, but for the price, we aren't that pleased with the outcomes.  Nice looking pigs, but not that great when they farrow, with litter size and 'momma' attitude.

Sure would like to see some comments, a review or two of our new website and hear from other local farmers, so check us out anytime at www.duransfarmfreshproducts.com

thanks for reading,

Blaine and Karen 

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