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Our customers are REALLY growing!!

I mean that literally!! I just got word today of another birth due this year to one our familes! That makes 4 so far, 3 sharing their Blessed news just within the past 2 weeks! CONGRATULATIONS!!

We have our own little growing going on as well. 6 of the 9 sows delivered their little families so we have 40+ little pigs all warm, cozy, and snuggled up to their mommas. It's hard to think of them as someone's 'freezer pet' in the future, when they're at this age.

I would guess that all the local 4H youth will be calling and coming out buying them for their fair projects soon after they are weaned from their mothers, later on this month.  We have 2 more mommas in the barn that will be due to deliver in April..I think. AND..3 Black Angus mommas who also will deliver in April as well.

I'm waiting on a gentleman to come out and add a venting system to the heater in the greenhouse, so that I can be sure of a constant temperature and will be starting the daffodils, tulips and flower seeds I have purchased.  It's so nice to get things growing in there and walk in and get a taste of spring, eventhough there may still be snow outside !

I have one detour from the farm coming up, but that's only a day or two. My brothers and I will be helping my parents with an auction they are having on May 29th in Summit Township. Doug Chesley will be taking care of that  and I guess I'll be providing the food tent.  We've been looking for a 1 level home in Summit or Waterford for Mom and Dad now that they are older and need something easier.

The new hens have begun laying--!!! What a long wait it seems to have been! We'll pick up 60 more hens in late April so come May/June we'll be able to gather 10 dozen eggs per day for your purchases! That should be more than enough....we hope!!

Headed off the township meeting this evening to hopefully push along a zoning variance for the store to be built, then it's time to wait on the snow to go!!

Many Blessings to you and yours!

Blaine & Karen

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