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Did everyone enjoy the taste of spring we had? We sure did!  Nice to get outside and get things taken care of without the snow!!  Okay, so there's the mud issue, but this too shall pass. :-)



With all the activity going on here in the next few months, we are hoping to hear from you all, so that we may begin scheduling our classes and workshops in the store. Now, we realize that we haven't broke ground just yet, but when that happens, we'll be so busy that we want to be fully prepared and have these workshops scheduled and on our calendar. Our class Coordinator, Laurie, is waiting to hear from you, so that we can get a feel for how many to prepare for, what time of day/night fits into your busy schedules, and all that goes into the planning stages. PLEASE CONTACT HER AS SOON AS YOU CAN @ gertysburg@aol.com and she will be VERY GLAD to help  you!!

Blaine and I were able to buy 6 more pigs at the New Wilmington bred gilt sale this past Saturday. We picked up 2 gilts (girls) that will deliver the end of this month, 3 more girls who are in the process of 'dating' the new boar we bought. The boar (boy) is a Heritage breed--Hereford--like the cows. Boy is he nice looking!  Can't wait to see the pigs we will have from him and the girls. We could be the punch line of that old joke..."what's black and white and red all over?"...."our pigs!"
There are 2 Hampshire (they are black with white stripe) He is Brown/Red and white, and then of course we have the Yorkshire and Landrace pigs which are all white. The litters are being sold even before we get them weaned, so if you need one or two for 4H projects, you should probably contact Blaine soon, as people are showing up and putting a deposit on them to be sure they have what they want for fair time.  We've had a few more questions about adopting them for your freezers, and that is still available to you. When they are all spoken for, then it will be a few months until we have more born and available.

We have decided to try out a system to offer you 1/4 and 1/2 packages of beef rather than the whole animal. We'll see how this works, but it is always easier if you find someone to split or share the animal with.  I've made out a very rough estimate of your costs so you can compare and decide.  We have 5 dairy breed steers that are up for adoption. They will give you 59% of their live weight in beef for your freezer. They will not be ready to butcher until NEXT fall, 2011 at the earliest. You have the choice of how much beef you wish to purchase.  The figures below will give you the rough estimate:

1)small size        800# live weight---472# beef
2)medium          1200#     "        ---708# beef
3)large              1500#    "         ---885# beef

Blaine would get 90 cents per pound live weight, and the butcher (a new one, since Walter's and LeBoeuf's are out of business) charges 45 cents per pound. Same animals as above would cost you:

1) $720 to Blaine and $294.40 to butcher= $1014.40
2) $1080 to Blaine and $400.60- butcher = $1480.60
3) $1350 to Blaine and $480.25 -butcher  =$1830.25

When you divide those amounts by the pounds of beef, you will be paying aprx $2.15 per pound overall. Remember, this is a rough estimate and every animal is different.

To buy 1/4 or 1/2 packages, simply divide those amounts by 2 or 4.
example: small animal costs 1014.40. Half would be $507.20 for 236# of beef.

The new hens are laying nicely. We are getting 3-5 dozen eggs per day and finished our first week with no one getting shorted or having to wait to purchase eggs!  FINALLY!  They are usually stocked by noon every day. We'll be adding 60 more hens the end of April who will begin laying about June, so we'll have PLENTY of eggs for everyone!

This past week, we did NOT tag all the ordered milk like we usually do. Due to the rising amount of bottles and the need for space, this is a change we will have to live with. So far , so good. No one has complained about not getting their milk and being shorted, so this will be our new routine. Of course, if you want your order tagged, I'll be happy to do it, just let me know. 

Randy Messinger (of Pot O Gold Dairy) is scheduled for surgery on April 5th. We're not sure how this will affect your milk orders, because he will not be allowed to do anything at all for 2 weeks. Once we know anything for sure, I'll post to the mailing list. If you're NOT on the mailing list, you might want to be added, so as to keep updated on everything here. I don't get to the website to post as much, so just click on our email addy and request to be on the mailing list. Worst case for milk will be possibly no milk for 2 weeks- they WILL do the RAW but not the others. Again, when I know more, I'll be sure to let you know via email.

We have added a few new items to the stand while we move ahead with the store. We have Country Kettle Jams and Jellies, we have Byer's Relish House products, we have RAW Honey, We have potatoes--red or white-- and will be getting local maple syrup in the very near future.

We are making arrangements to travel down to DUTCH VALLEY FARMS who will be our bulk foods supplier and perhaps bringing back some items from there to put in the stand prior to getting the store built and up and running. Might bring back some rolled butter and items that will not have to be packaged, since we've not bought our packaging scale yet. We'll also be picking up our deli cooler on this trip and another boar to 'date' the girls in the barn.

I've started some daffodils and tulips in the greenhouse and some flower seeds as well.  As time allows, I'll be starting the tomato and pepper seeds, some herbs, lettuce gardens and spinach pots too.
With a little bit of sun and very little snow, we should be good and have plants ready about the first of June.

We've side lined the contests for a bit due to not having alot of time to devote to it. If you have an idea for a contest you'd like us to run, just let us know! So busy with spring activities so something has to be side lined, and this is the one to go....temporarily.

Hope all is well in your little corners of the world!
Thanks for stopping by!
Blaine & Karen

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