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March 2014 upate

It seems like forever since I've been back here.  Face book really works and keeps me pretty busy with interaction with you all. 

 This past summer/fall we completed the addition to our store and doubled our size so that we could put in a walk in cooler. Pot O Gold milk is our biggest seller, right now I'm ordering for about 250 families & get between 650 and 700 bottles every week for them. I still have a waiting list for our brown eggs but supplement with Hillandale out of Corry.

Last year, I found out that I could no longer maintain the big garden for your vegetables you enjoy so much as well as keep the store running. This year I am opening up that space to a FARMER'S MARKET & hoping to enlist fellow farmers and gardeners to set up. The space is FREE & we'll run our season SATURDAYS from noon until 6pm beginning July 5th through October 25th.

I am also going to allow crafters to set up this year to help people get used to the idea and fill the space.  Please contact me if you'd like to reserve space, as you'll need to fill out a registration form. The space will be limited and you can choose to set up for 1 day, several Saturdays or the whole season. Again, there is NO COST to you.

I have started a few seeds in the greenhouse this week--peppers, cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach, kale and will be working hard to fill as many flats as I can to sell the plants when they are ready.

We are shopping for a new boar for our sows in the barn so we can continue to provide you with quality pork for you family . The one we have now, does what he's supposed to, we just are getting any bred sows. The calves that were born last spring were adopted to families and will be freezer ready late 2015. We'll see who arrives in the pasture this spring to raise for you.

Since you all have supported my little farm store here for the past 3 years and made it possible to quit driving mail truck I wanted to 'give back' to the community around me. In 2012 I hosted our first annual Duran's Down Home Days that benefits Kanzius Cancer Research.  I rent the entire Waterford Fairgrounds a weekend in May. This May will be our 3rd year.  All are invited to participate--whether it be rent space to set up as a crafter, food vendor or volunteer to show off your 'down home' skills(blacksmith, pottery, glass, wood, metal working) offer a backyard carnival game, a 'make & take' workshop, provide music or entertainment or just show up and enjoy the event. Our featured attractions are the popular CAST IRON CHEF CHALLENGE where teams compete for $1,000.00 in prize money or our NEW Upcycle contest. Take an item you usually throw away and create something new and useful from it. There are 5 different age groups for this contest and the winning project from each age group will win $100 !

All information is on our face book page - www.facebook.com/duransdownhomedays or contact me on the store page www.facebook.com/duransfarmfreshproducts or just contact me at the store anytime.

In 2012, we donated $2,000.00 to Kanzius Cancer Research. Last year we gave $4,000.00.  We sure appreciate your support, as does Kanzius.

It's funny how far things have come with our tiny 2 acres these past 15 years.  I couldn't have dreamed this life in 1999.  Your support is truly appreciate here, never doubt that.  I long to garden more, but taking care of the store takes long hours. I don't mind the work or the hours, it's important to provide you all with fresh from the farm products, whether it's from us or a neighbor down the road. 

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