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chickenybabies first snow on the way

70 percent chance for friday snow

this is very exciting for a chicago transplant who thought she would never see the day!
and and and
it will prove to be chickenybabes first snow
truly special
i wonder...
will they need
eeny weeeny snow shoes
eeny weeeny galoshes?

the wee ones are now in the metal shed which is loaded with three heat lamps that will keep them cozy and warm. if we experience a power outage, i will head out and move the creatures back into a brooder pen located in the house.

most all of the garden is tucked in - that which needs it

other bits may prove to do just fine
i will be setting leaves and hay around the goods later today for a bit of protection

the bunnies were gifted with a good bit of hay for burrowing

the outside side of the north side of the crazy coop is protected by stacked and covered bails of hay along with an outdoor curtain cover to protect from blowing wind.

the inside of the north side of the coop is protected by canvas covers.
the area above the roost is also covered with thick canvas protection.
i hung two heat lamps for the cool 20? nights we are soon to experience - i do not want the girls to freeze their little combs off. they help prevent frostbite.

the canvas protection wraps around the interior coop with a special moving blanket hung in the south doorway. they have full protection from nasty blowing air and from wet which is most important. i have hay stacked on the east side but have left this side without cover to allow healthy ventilation.

this is the south side of the interior coop. you can see the hay stacked on the right - this is the east side of the coop. the moving blanket in the door is secured only at the top and partially down one side so that chicken keeper me can easily enter the space. it's nice and cozy in there now. the pale canvas allows for light to bleed through so it feels like a cool kid fort.

the run is not insulated. this gives the girls the opportunity for hunkering down or playing about.
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