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Spring is Sprung Again! Has it really been a year?

Wow, it has been a year full of blessings and lessons. I thought I would have more time to write, Here's why I did not:

Our CSA has had three complete growing seasons and we are learning to provide more food to more folks. We have made several improvements, made some decisions about how we will proceed, and look forward with hope to some hard work and warmer days.

 By the way, we did make sauerkraut and it was and is yummy. We still are pulling it out of the pantry. We learned this year to set out plants every two to four weeks for succession and now we just have lots of fresh cabbage and other veggies for our members and families.

Just before the last blog our family had a new addition, the "relative" kind. My husband's Dad and Aunt moved here from San Luis Obispo, CA. They have enjoyed life on our farm and we have been busy improving the living quarters for them and the farm in general. I always say, "Many hands make light work!" Grandpa Jackson is my number one Ranch Manager and he is healthy and happy at 77 years young. Some days I can hardy keep up with him. We are so very blessed by having him right here each day.

It is time for babies again. Last year brought three new kids and six lambs as well as several surprise additions. We have been managing our herd well and a neighbor was kind enough to share some pasture with beautiful grass. We fenced in the front two acres of our property and Grandpa has got electric fencing strung all around. Just this past Thursday one of my sons went to run at 5:30 am, but became sidetracked by a loud bleating. He woke me and we discover that our ewe, named Wooly, had given birth to four lambs, all males. We had missed all their births and the firstborn did not make it. We were expecting her to lamb anyday and had been watching, guessing, and loosing sleep with much futility. His timing did enable us to save the last born and she is taking perfect care of all three little ones. It was a great morning. (Yes, I kissed the little lambs and welcomed them to their new home.)

 It is always a joy to have the miracle of new life around. Spring encourages us to keep working hard and is a reward and a reminder of the mystery of God. He is there even though we cannot see Him and He loves us and wants good things for us. The life on our farm truly magnifies the Lord. Do you know what it means to magnify? Think of a magnifying glass. God's creation  magnifies God so we can see Him better. We can see how beautiful, perfect and creative God is when we witness and learn about plants and animals. Don't take my word for it, you can read it for yourself in a Bible, God's Holy Word. Gen 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

We did find some great homes for our puppies. One farm family traded us two Glouchester Old Spotted Hogs for one of them. We brought Cowboy and Dartagnon home and bottle fed them for a week or so and then taught them to drink out of a pan. Talk about fun!!! Each morning I milked three goats. The hogs slurped their share mixed with grain  and  our family enjoyed the best fresh raw milk. We even made soft cheese with a pepper and garlic crust with some friends for Easter. I look forward to having more fresh milk in about two months.

 I hope you won't have to wait so long for more news from us. To God be the glory, great things he hath done.

Farmer Jen
Merry Heart Farm

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Praise God that you see him and tell about His grace and glory in your blog. May our Lord bless your farm with prosperity and health!

Posted by Rene Ehrhardt on February 15, 2010 at 10:57 PM EST #

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