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Wait or make Sauerkraut?

With 300 head of cabbage in production and 240 Vidalia onions growing every moment we are wondering if our cabbage will beat the heat and make nice heads or if it will bolt to bloom in Florida's heat. Can we make Sauerkraut?
We wait for this and many other things this season. We are waiting for our goats to have kids anyday, and our duck to hatch out her babies as she sits daily guarding the nest - 7 more days?. 
Our guardian Great Pyrenees bred this winter and we wait for buyers to call so we may find good homes for three gorgeous, large, healthy, playful pups.
We wait for rain to help with the dry grounds demands and the ban to be lifted on burning so we can have some nice fires in the evening.
We wait for the time to call about business matters and for the wisdom to make the right decisions for our farm.
We wait and watch as our seedlings get stronger and our children get older.
I am thankful to be waiting with expectations like these. My heart is merry and my burden is light. I don't worry or fret, but I wait. My peace comes from my faith in God and my assurance of a home in heaven.  Lamentations 3:26 "It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord."

Our God whom created all things will meet our needs and calm our fears. This we can count on.right now without waiting.

Farmer Jen
Merry Heart Farm




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