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Windy Winter Day

Wow, the wind today is biting! I ventured out to the greenhouse to nurse along some potted herbs I have overwintering there. The heater isn't turned on yet. I'm just using it as a protection for my herbs from the winter and the truly bitter temperatures. About every three days I'll go in and water them. Some are doing well, others I wonder if they'll survive. One thing that I've learned about farming is that everything is an adventure. You're never know what the outcome will be. 

 Though the wind is cold, I mean really cold, it's nice to leave the house andgo out into the farm buildings. It helps remind me that I am a farmer and what I enjoy about farming; something that shouldn't be so easy to forget, but somehow I need that reminder. In the winter I can lose perspective since most, if not all, farming is cerebral now. The sharp wind and the moving around the farm buildings reminds me of the tangible reality of farming. All the things I'm planning will one day start to take physical shape. I will once more dip my hands in the freshly tilled earth, hear the roar of the tractor's engine, and experience the shock of walking into a greenhouse full of sprouts that just the day before were still hidden by the soil.

For now though, I must be content with my potted herbs that I visit throughout the week, the pictures in the seed catalogs and even the blustery winter wind. It is enough.  

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