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Chicks...Extra Small

Today was a first.  Although we've hatched hundreds of chicks this spring and a good number of ducklings and geese, we've never hatched quail before.  This morning I had 2 in the hatching tray of the incubator.  They are so small!  The books describe them as the size of a bumblebee.  I would say our little bobwhites are a tad bigger, but not much.  Even all streched out, the head and body was no longer than my pinky finger!

Although we've had rain the past 24 hours, haying is going well.  We are almost done wit hthe field by the road and soon we'll be moving on to the field by the woods and then on to oat hay.  I'm on vacation from my Even Start job the next week, so I hope to get lots of hay made while still taking some time for a little relaxing!

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