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Cutting Corn

The corn is put up for the year, one more task to mark as "done" on the to-do list.  Two bushels seems sufficient for my husband and myself.  Though a little time consuming, I really love my vaccuum sealer for putting up food.  I used it on 3 dozen ears this year, so I should have sweet corn well into spring!  We always freeze whole kernel corn as well, and this year for my birthday Dan got me an American Corn Cutter- a little kitchen gadget that consists of a long piece of plastic which is curved to fit the shape of the ear, and 2 metal blades in the middle.  The blades can be adjusted for whole kernel, creamed or shredded corn.  I love my Roma food mill and kitchen gadgets in general, so he though this would be a time saver and something I'd use.  I can't work it to save my life!!  I tried on Monday, and figured I had the blade adjusted wrong.  It was really frustrating, so I set it aside and used a knife and cutting board.  Yesterday, Dan helped me and he had no problems.  He gave me lots of helpful advice, like not pushing down so hard, changing the angle, etc but I still couldn't do it.  So I  gave him the cutter while I husked, and he was done far more quickly than I was the day before with my knife.  Many times in farming, and life, you just have to know when to just ask for help.


One of the many things I love about being on the farm is how easy it is to find a use for things that might otherwise go to waste.  Freezing 2 bushels of corn leaves a lot of husks, cobs and silk behind, but we never throw them away.  My bunnies love it so much, they run up to me every time I  walk by, hoping for husks and cobs.  The cobs still have a bit of corn on them, and the rough inner part is good for a rabbit to chew.  Their teeth never stop growing, so I have to make sure they have chew toys or they will use the hutch itself. The stalks are still full of nutrients and the cows and horses come on the run when they see us cutting and throwing them over the pasture fence.


Well it's off to town now for jars and vinegar- I still have canning to do for this weekend and I need to get moving as I have family visiting later this week.  I just want to say thanks to everyone who reads this blog as well, I was amazed to see Pleasant Valley Farm at the top of the most popular blogs yesterday.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I enjoy living them! 

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