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Lambing Season is Here!

Our small flock of sheep has just increased by two!  We began the winter with 7 ewes and our ram.  Four of the ewes were born last year, so while they will probably lamb in the late spring, we won't look for that to happen until late April or sometime in May.  Of the other three, one is two years old, and the others, twin sisters, are what I like to refer to as the "senior ladies."  Their names are Nutmeg and Rosa.  If you've ever stopped by the farm and been mobbed by a black sheep looking for treats, that would be Rosa.  Nutmeg is a bit more reserved, but still fairly friendly.  She's been in a pen in the barn since last week.  We noticed her udder was filling up, a sure sign that lambs won't be far behind, so we penned her up where it is warm and dry.  She gave birth sometime last night, to two healthy lambs, one female and one male.  Here's a picture of them.  They are less than 18 hours old!


 Rosa is also looking like her udder is getting large, so we set up a second pen for her tonight.  I lured her into the barn with a bag of sheep bait...otherwise known as day-old bread from the local bakery outlet.  I gave Nutmeg a few slices as well as a treat for a job well done.  We're looking forward to even more lambs.  They're a sure sign that spring can't be too far behind, despite the blizzards we've seen lately!


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