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I've really been looking forward to this week for some time now.  I've planned to take vacation days from work and have the whole week off for what I like to call "Birthday Week!" While I don't plan on going anywhere, it's nice to catch up around the house and farm, or try some new recipes for my canned goods.  

This past week, though, I found out I'm going to have a lot more free time to do this after the end of June.  Budgets are tight, and the non-profit agency I have spent the past 5 years working for decided to eliminate a position in my office.  I did not want to take over the revamped position (essentially doing more work for less money) , so as of July 1, I will officially be a farmer with no other day job.  As I did have the experience of being laid off and able to farm for 3 months last summer, I know it's where my heart lies.  I actually feel busier, more purposeful, and more productive here than I do at the office, so I know I'll be anything but bored.  Including the commute, it's like getting 50 free hours back, but I know they will be filled.  I'd like to think that the stalls will be cleaner, the garden will be weeded better, I'll have more canning products for sale, and the blog and website will be more up to date.  I also have "me" projects like catching up on some good books or painting again.  It's exciting and I'm so happy to have Dan's support in this.  It was a big leap when he quit his job a year and a half ago, but that worked well for us.  He's now much happier to be working with his brother. (shameless plug- for those of you in the Tionesta area in need of a licensed, insured contractor, Matt's Construction will do any job, call 657-8400 for more info!)  

I don't know when or if I'll be back working somewhere else, but for now I'm excited to put my efforts into making this the best year on the farm it can be.  One of the ways I'm hoping to make that happen is by being part of the Western PA Buy Fresh Buy Local farm tour day, July 24th from 10:00-6:00.  Watch for more details, and we hope to see everyone then if not before!

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