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A Great Pumpkin

Although Halloween is mostly a children's holiday, here at the farm it feels like a celebration of the end of the growing season.  The pumpkins have been gathered up and put in the stand where they are protected from the freezing temperatures we have had lately.  One was particularly interesting- looking, big and warty and orange.  However, its base had a blossom end like a buttercup squash.  I've always loved Halloween and  usually carve a pumpkin, and since it's my garden I get to choose the coolest looking one now!   This must have been an accidental hybrid, as when I opened it up there were hardly any seeds, not enough to bother separating from the goo, so Dan didn't get any roasted seeds from this one.  I had fun carving it up with a special farm design!


Happy and safe Halloween to all! 

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