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Spring is in Full Swing

Although the weather is a bit gloomy, the rain did get rid of the snow.  Even though it's still muddy, at least the water has stopped coming in to the barn.  The hog house has stayed wonderfully dry with its new roof, which is great since we have so many new piglets!  Charlotte had her litter Thursday-11, a new record for her.  While we lost a few the first few days, if she raises these 8 it will still be a successful litter.  Her sister, Fern, gave birth last night.  She had a whopping 12, but 2 were stillborn, which often happens with such large litters.  Again, we're still thrilled.

We though there would be a lull in lambing season as the 4 ewes still outside are young and historically, the youngest give birth a bit later on into the spring months.  However, looking out my kitchen window into the pasture, there is a new lamb who will need to be brought into the nice warm barn before nightfall!  The other five are growing at a record pace, and we can't wait for the pasture to dry up a bit so we can let them out!

We are super busy inside the house too.  We had tons of home improvement projects on the to-do list to get done over the winter.  Spring is here, so we're trying to do as much as possible while it's still too muddy to plow.  Once the outdoor work of planting and field prep begins, major inside projects are pretty much on hold!

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