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Who's Kidding Now?

Normally, spring is the time for babies.  But we're entering our second baby season now! Early spring was full of chicks, goslings and lambs, but we were dissappointed in the goats, as only 2 gave birth, and the babies just weren't as healthy as we would have liked.  The problem was our male goat.  He was 6 months old when we bought him early last summer, and although a bit small he seemed to be from very good stock.  Unfortunately, he just never grew, we suspected he may have had internal problems, possibly from worms before we got him.  We replaced him with a beautiful, registered Boer buck named LLP Warlord's Dream. That was the very end of January, and as goats carry for 5 months, he was very busy as soon as we let him out with the ladies, because we had 2 births last night and some more getting very close!

Mama is an Alpine goat, we bought her last spring with a little Boer looking baby by her side.  Most Boers are white with a red head, but Baby Lightning has a black face and white body.  His new sister was born yesterday afternoon at chore time and looks just like him.  We had noticed Mama and Mocha had spent the day in the goat house instead of going out to pasture, which was very unusual, as Mama is the leader of the herd.  As her name implies, Mama is a great mother and had her little girl up and nursing in short time.  I noticed Mocha, one of our twin Toggenburg does, was definately showing signs of labor too.  This is her first time giving birth, and she just acted like she couldn't figure out what was going on.  When we next checked on her, she had a little one on the ground, but wasn't licking it, although she was answering its cries.  Then she dropped a second kid!  She still just wasn't sure what to do.  We let her go for a short while, but then had to put her in a pen with the babies.  She wasn't letting them nurse, but after we held her still and put the babies under her, she calmed down a bit.  Everyone made it safely throught the night so we're hopeful she'll take care of the twins, a boy and a girl, so we don't have to bottle feed them.

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