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Christmas Snow

The snow is falling gently outside, and we're not expecting weather above freezing, so it looks like we'll be having a white Christmas here at Pleasant Valley.  The big storm that blew up the East Coast spared us, so we only have about 4 inches here.  In my opinion, just enough to make it pretty, but not so much we're digging out or unable to travel. Most of the animals are spending their days inside where it is warm and dry.  Although the horses love to kick up their heels when we let them out at chore time, Dixie will be pawing at the barn door wanting to come back in if she thinks we're taking too long!  The only critters outside now are the sheep.  Although they have access to dry shelter under the barn roof,  you will see them outside with an inch of snow on their backs.  Wearing a wool coat all the time keeps them plenty warm!  The pigs are snuggled up in their nests of hay most of the time.  Although they still have access to the great outdoors, the frozen ground is tough for them to walk on, so they stay inside most of the time in the new, improved and very dry hog house.  The chickens also don't want to be out in the snow, but because we have a timed light in the hen house, we're still getting plenty of eggs.  The only animals besides the sheep who still love to be outside are the rabbits.  They spend as much time out playing in the snow as they do in their hutch. I can see them from my kitchen window and they seem to enjoy sprinting through the snow and playing.

For those of you who stopped in to see us at our farm stand, you probably noticed the black and red sleigh.  It is more than just a decoration, and we have enough snow to take it out now.  My little Morgan mare, Sara, is able to pull it easily.  I wanted to start a Christmas Eve tradition of taking a sleigh ride last year, but it rained ant there was nothing but mud last year.  This year is looking a lot more like Christmas!

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