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Surprise Publication

I truly enjoy blogging here, and I get excited when people mention that they read my blog.  Knowing I have "fans" motivates me to post something when I otherwise wouldn't bother.  I am still thrilled to see my name on the LH homepage list of most popular blogs.  That being said, seeing your own words on the printed page is a bit different.  

We subscribe to a number of farm-related organizations, and most send out monthly, bimonthly or quarterly publications.  One such organization is the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association, which sends a quarterly publication out to its members.  We joined over the winter after purchasing our Dexter cow Fiannait, whom I posted about when she arrived last November.  I was pleased to see our names in the spring issue on the list of new members, but the summer edition I received in the mail this week was even more exciting!  Mark and Edlyn, who own Muirsted Farm and have been a wonderful couple to introduce us to these awesome little cows, had read my excited posts about visiting their farm and Finni's arrival.  They had commented on my posts and complimented me on my description of the breed, which I though was pretty neat since I am still such a newcomer to Dexters.  I was unaware that they had submitted them to the PDCA Journal, and I was absolutely stunned to page through my copy over lunch and see my name in bold print on page 27. It turns out my posts Waiting for Wednesday and She's Here had been published as an article!  So thanks to Mark and Edlyn, and thanks to everyone else who reads.  

 Other Dexter-related farm news- we are doubling our herd of Dexter brood cows to two!  We were given the opportunity to borrow Lil, a proven champion Dexter cow, to milk over the summer.  We were also given the option to provide her with a new home, and we're so excited to be able to bring her into the Pleasant Valley family.  She and Finni are both expected to have calves in late spring or early summer of 2011.  Finni was bred by a wonderful Dexter bull named Finnbar, who has been with us for a good portion of the summer.  However, we have to return him and that will be happening before too long.  Although I was more than a bit nervous about hosting a bull, he has been nothing but sweet and gentle and I'll miss seeing him in the pasture outside my kitchen window.  We were very fortunate to be able to host him for a few months and I can't wait to see what a newborn Dexter looks like next year!

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