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Thank you for the hundreds of 'hits in 2014. I hope this blog entry has aided you, the consumer when including Native Plants in your landscape.

Visit us again in April for a comprehensive listing of '2015 Michigan Native Plant Sales & Events'. Until then I wish you a happy fall, a pleasant winter & as with all gardeners a promise of spring . . . . .

Lynnette Fouch Bugenske

Owner, BetterFinds LLC

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Native Plant Information Tools

Concurrent with an update to our Catalog bibliography, below are hyperlinks to our favorite informational hyperlinks & most popular handouts.

Since the Lady’s 1st sales date, the ‘Book’ accompanied her, copies to be handed out gratis in her quest to educate the consumer. What started out as Native Species List for all conditions/combinations of soil, light & moisture has evolved into the ‘BIG BOOK’ with additional handouts on ‘Deer Resistant Plants’, Walnut resistant species, specialized gardens & information beyond the containers “How to Grow” sticker.

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Its harvest time at the Nursery, the season neighbors speculate on my sanity. A harvest of leaves celebrated by the picture of our 70’ Red Maple on our LocalHarvest homepage & celebrated with the leaves footing Lynn’s vase of native Asters. Though inedible a harvest none the less & a harvest you should join.

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My blog has a built-in readership. I also write an irreverent closed-circulation ‘Newsletter’ when finding time back home, humorously ranting on a current topic & sharing email content (cartoons; articles; videos; hyperlinks) gleaned from a hundred plus monthly emails.  Each not only reflects the dark humor of my entertainment industry coworkers but their divergent views & how well-read & informed they are as a group.

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Buy Locally, Plant Ethically

My one New Year resolution is to post a blog entry at the least, monthly. And for 2011, our planned advertising has put into motion guarantees I will update our LocalHarvest profile weekly starting in March.  All thanks to 50 year-old lessons learned & remembered still.

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