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An inch of snow fell overnight — our first snow. Completely
normal, perfectly on time being it is post-Thanksgiving.

I had the week off, reveling outside in this unusually warm November. The leaves were all chipped, the composters filled & the beds mulched.  I was done & the weather, though finally colder, was holding. I had five more days off & nothing would dare interfere!

I still planned to weed below the Beech rise, add the accumulated extra dirt & redo the path between the Beeches & the bog. And with such good weather even relevel that annoying area of slight settling in the pavers. But now there was only the snow-covered wheelbarrow of potted plants still out of the coldframe & the pile of chipped leaves & dirt readied to dig them in.

I procrastinated to the end. I saw the weather radar before turning in last night but remained confident it would only snow to our south. Maybe there would be a dusting but the backflow from Saginaw Bay would surely evaporate most precipitation before reaching the ground. I even worked past dark, washing the deco-pots Lynn planted her mums into, carefully lining them on the sitting wall to dry overnight. Maybe they’ll be dry tomorrow once the snow melts off.

I was warned! Thursday & Friday brought a new bird into the yard for a day, the Red-bellied Woodpecker then the White-breasted Nuthatch. The next day they were nowhere to be seen. The other animals were ravenous Saturday: the squirrels ate a whole bag of peanuts (Lynn follows the White House way of feeding to prevent destructive foraging); the pair of Woodpeckers constant visitors to the suet that had only lasted a day.

I’m back inside having shoveled & taken care of that last wheelbarrow of plants. The last 50’ of hose is draining & everything else in the yard is put away. The wet clothes are history, immediately into the washer to not muddy or wet the house. I’m warm now, showered & with a bowl of soup in me.

And I’m thinking: I bet that snow will be melted by Tuesday . . . .


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