Puzzle Creek Farm: Putting The Pieces Together

  (Bostic, North Carolina)
"The Follies of Family Farming"
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Puzzle Creek...putting the pieces together

Mom, Dad, 3 & 5 yr old boys move to an old farm in Western North Carolina. Taking shelter in a 1800's log cabin on the property the follies are as follows:

 "Poke Berry Boys" Fall 2008

Moving to a farm was an exciting new adventure. We explained to the boys that we would grow our own food and eat from our land.

I carried boxes from the car while the boys explored the yard. I unpacked a few and looked out to check on them when I noticed Gilliland (3) had red stains around his mouth. "Have you been eating berries" I asked. He said, "NO", but the evidence said otherwise. I asked Grafton (5) if Gilliland had eaten the berries. He said, "Yes, mom...he ate those berries", and pointed to poke berry bushes that grow wildly on the property. 

I panicked and called Jay at work. "Our son ate poke berries". He called poison control and told me to calm down, if he didn't eat many we were okay.

I asked Gilliland again if he ate berries and he said he ate 2 berries. We explained those berries were for birds only, and never to eat them again.

The next day he had harvested a bowl of poke berries and sat them out for the birds. I later instructed Jay to destroy the poke berry bushes. 

So from our first day on the farm, our sons had caught on, and started eating locally from the land, ironically it was poisons poke berries.

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